3 A's oF Bluebird

PRAGYA is committed to raising the standard of education by imparting analytical and practical knowledge via the current team PRAGYA, which comprises the best minds in this field. This institution is capable of generating not only career-oriented human resource with high academic excellence and competence to meet the global challenges of the modern world but also to produce a new breed of responsible, productive and upright citizens with superior spiritual and moral values in order to face the present political, social, cultural and economic challenges in the nation and the world alike.

Our school community will be supportive, nurturing and inclusive, but this is not a school where students can come, sit in a room and be given knowledge; this is a school where they must take the opportunity to shape their learning; to work collaboratively, independently and creatively; to move outside the classroom walls, and to extend and challenge themselves.  


Participatory, skill oriented and value based learning Highly qualified and experienced faculties English speak...


Abundant co-curricular and extracurricular activities Clubs...


Specious, well ventilated classrooms