3 A's at Bluebird Bbs

Bluebird College, located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, backed by its enviable management team and qualified faculties, reiterates its unequivocal commitment to quality education suitable to the 21st century. It aims at acheiving academic excellence and obtaining a newer height by raising the standards of education through analytical and practical knowl


Research work, project work, presentations, seminars, webminars and surveys with seperate research division for research related activities. Excellent academic ambience, Internships and job placement, explorative and research oriented class


Bluebird is known for its emphasis on co-curricular and extra curricular activities aimed for creating healthy body in sound mind. Moreover, it has a students' council having different clubs including music, sports and dance. We also imspire for pers


Bluebird is proud of Information Technology (IT) friendly classrooms, well stocxked library with reference books and e-library and fully equipped laboratories with research labs. We have seperate hostels fopr girls and boys to facilitate students. Hy

First Year

Business English (MGT 201) Business Statistics (MGT 202) Business Economics I (MGT 203) Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning (MGT 211) Principles of Management (MGT 213)

Second Year

Business Communication (MGT 205) Macro Economics (MGT 206) Cost and Management Accounting (MGT 212) Fundamentals of Marketing (MGT 214) Foundations of Human resource Management (MGT 216)

Third Year

Business Law (MGT 204) Fundamentals of Financial Management (MGT 215) Business Environment and Strategic Management (MGT 217) Fundamentals of Taxation and Auditing (MGT 218) Organizational Behaviour (MGT 219)

Fourth Year

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (MGT 220) Concentration (I & II & III) Business Research Methods (MGT 221) Final Project (MGT 401)

Catering 21st century skills

Introduction to Bluebird BBS

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) at Bluebird is a special academic proigram with its best academic faculties, corporate networking for practical training, a very conductive academic environment for focused studies and caring guidance. These characteristics pave the path towards academic excellence.  

Message From CEO

Dear guardians, students and well-wishers, I feel a great pleasure to invite you to Bluebird Education Network (BEN) for your academic journey. BEN believes that education has to do with imparting relevant knowledge, useful skills and appropriate attitudes to the students so that they can lead a meaningful life as the global citizens of the 21st century. BEN adopts diversity, integrity and excellence as its mantra for transforming the world into a forward moving open minded peaceful place. BEN engages in leadership qualities transfer, development of superb attitude towards one’s goal and acquisition of critical thinking skills for fruitful decision making in addition to the regular content based pedagogy. Sports for health, different clubs for honing students’ talents and student council for leadership, teamwork and effective communication form an integral part of bluebird so that our students can individuate naturally and positively. I pledge that our school community will be supportive, nurturing and inclusive, but this is not a community where you can come, sit in a room and be given knowledge; rather, this is a community where you must take the opportunity to shape your learning; to work collaboratively, independently, and creatively; to move outside the classroom walls and to extend and challenge yourself. Welcome to Bluebird!

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