The Rich Traditions

Advisory – The advisor/advisee system fosters collaboration between students, faculty and the administration to help students’ self-discovery and growth.


Student Leadership – Student leaders play an active role to foster school spirit at Bluebird. They help organize Spirit Week, pep rallies and themed days.


Prefects – Prefects help to set the tone of the school among the student body. Each year, students are selected as Prefects based on their community respect, personal integrity and ability to positively impact student life at Bluebird. As Prefects, they work closely with the faculty and administration, organize school activities, and lead by example.


Community Care Committee -The School Community Care Committee provides a context for leadership in service to school and community. Membership is voluntary. In these committees, students create service projects and programs, gather support for service endeavors, explore ways to respond to local and global needs, and discuss ways to strengthen Community Service at Bluebird.


Retreats and Trips – Class Retreats: Each class has a retreat that strengthens the Bluebird community by building friendship among students and allowing them to get to know the faculty.


School Trips and Trekking:  At Bluebird, trips are organized leading curious mind to visit places of interest, where children learn the joy of preservation of the environment, the gift of loving and caring for plants, animals, and nature as a whole. Bluebird ensures yearly trekking into mountainous pathways to make life and sport an exciting adventure for the young.



Senior Trip: This is the culminating event for the graduating class. It gives them the chance to spend time together and further cement lasting friendship.

School Fete –Bluebird alumni, faculty, students and their families come together on campus to enjoy activities, a picnic lunch and sporting events at this annual celebration.

School Day – We celebrate the spirit of the school day with a daylong display of our students’ musical, theatrical, and artistic talents. It is a fun-filled and eagerly anticipated day.