Arts, Sports and many more...


We are passionate about educating the whole child. At Bluebird, opportunities abound for students to enjoy and improve their skills in their interests beyond the classroom. These opportunities give students the time to grow emotionally, creatively, physically and socially. They can learn to work as part of a team and experience successes and failures.


Students are encouraged to pursue the things that interest them: sports, music, vocal, dance etc.


All departments run extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and we offer an amazing range of clubs and after school sports from football and astronomy to martial arts, dance and public speaking.

Lessons begun in the classroom come alive as students reflect, analyze, question, compare, and articulate their responses to a challenging series of workshops, cultural exchanges, museum tours, and nature expeditions. We enhance our normal curriculum through enrichment days and activities. All students have the chance to participate in enrichment days, which include trip to museum, heritage site, watershed area, national park to name a few. We have a busy programme of cultural and study trips within the valley and outside.