Bluebird secondary school strictly follows the curriculum designed and prescribed by the government of Nepal. In providing our students with an absolute, well-balanced education, we have put in place outstanding curriculum, best human resources, and methodologies that will promote their academic capacity. 

We provide an innovative curriculum that caters for all interests and abilities. The school curriculum seeks to give all students a broad, balanced education by promoting their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development in order to prepare them for the challenges of adult life.

The academic system at Bluebird follows the criteria of Nepal Curriculum Framework (NCF). Our curriculum is also enriched by supplementary curricula to meet our educational accomplishment. The medium of instruction is English while giving equal importance to the national language. Students may opt for third languages as well.

The curriculum is broken into three levels: pre-primary level, basic level, and secondary level.


Our pre-school is Montessori based and is inspired by inquiry-based learning and the Reggio Emilia educational approach of Northern Italy.