Message From CEO

"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." Franklin D. Roosevelt

 Dear Guardians and SEE Graduates

It is an honour to welcome you to Bluebird Secondary School, a unit of Bluebird Education Network. Since holding rein of the institution, we have had a tumultuous journey in terms of Bluebird's existential pursuit. Nevertheless, Team Bluebird has been facing and overcoming each challenge with élan. The ongoing educational hiatus is one meaningful example. Despite the lockdown and the social distancing measures everyone has had to observe for months to combat COVID-19, learning at Bluebird has never ceased. We were the earliest to pick technology as the medium to assess the students' needs, act on them and augment our students' performances. Hence, the resilience, rapid actions and rapport that Bluebird has displayed in times of crisis are enviable to any institution of the sort.

Abiding by its mission, vision and motto, Bluebird has been scaling academic summits fast and steady. In a short span, Bluebird is a recognized name in the academic arena of the country. This has been possible owing to the proactive and expert faculty, energetic and able management, and inquisitive and self-disciplined students. We cater 21st century skills, offer a plethora of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, design both remedial and curb-shifting classes, invite experts with great insights as visitors and continuously monitor our students' progress. Hence, we, at Bluebird, engage and involve our students in meaningful learning. As always, our commitment to personal care, quality education and students' positive growth is second to none. In addition, we are indebted to all our well-wishers, guardians and advisors for their invaluable support and unflinching faith in us. We promise that we will live up to your expectations. May I, once again, welcome you to Bluebird?