Message From Vice Principal

Dear parents/guardians and students,

Namaskar, as a vice principal, I feel honored to welcome you at bluebird secondary school. The experience at bluebird takes you to the point from where you shape the rest of your life. We want to help you to make sure that it is the right place to fulfill your dream.

The congenial environment in our school ensures that all our students feel cherished and develop their individuality in a comfortable and safe milieu. Similarly, we value our parents/guardians as partners in providing meaningful educational experiences to our children. We also encourage you to become active participants in school programs and classroom activities. We believe that each and every student possesses special quality and we help them hone their skills to make their career fruitful and meaningful. In this regard, the combination of the head, the heart and the hands can only help them reach their goal. Educating the mind without educating the heart results in a fiasco; that’s why, we change every student from their heart. We don’t have any discipline in-charge (di) as we want to make everyone emotionally intelligent.

Teaching-learning is the core of what we do in our school. Bluebird believes in active learning and individual care. We believe in innovation and progress offering a comprehensive range of subjects and programs. We have adopted 4Cs (creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration and communication) in our pedagogy. These are our major components and on the basis of them our teachers teach the students in or outside the classroom.

Education is not only the knowledge that comes from the text book if focuses on the all-round development of any learner. Hence, we want to see our students perfect in the sector of their interest. In order to retain the hunger of our students in their areas of interest, bluebird conducts fresher’s social, talent hunt, inter-house weekend activities, sports meet/ etc. and students participate in different national and international events to empower themselves.

Finally, I would like to thank all our stakeholders for your relentless support for the betterment of our school and I hope to get your similar support to make this year more fruitful.

-Deepak Raj Joshi