Message From CEO/Principal

Dear prospective Candiates

Welcome to Bluebird College, the educational institution with its own unique qualities. It sincerely endeavors to provide educational experience that goes beyond the classroom and has a comperehensive and lifelong ompact on the students. Firmly committed to academic excellence and opportunity and grounded in ethical leadership and social responsibility, Bluebird engages students from diverse backgrounds in a student centric learning environment uniquely suited to producing successful human resource capable of facing the global challenges of the 21st century. Bluebird, therefore, is looking for students who expect a lot from themselves and want to make a difference in the society.

We are devoted to enhancing students' access to quality, cost-effective education by offering scholarships and other financial awards to those students who demonstrate financial need, superior academic achievement and other circumstances that may imapct their ability to seek education at Bluebird. With enhanced refinement in course delivery, adequate physical infrastructure, and strong corporate relationships over the years, Bluebird stands as a distinctly coveted institution in the league of the best colleges in Nepal.

Dear students, I would like to welcome you to Bluebird College onve again, where you will find inspiring people, supportive faculty and staff. It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to our institution and learn more about us.

-Bir Singh Chhetri