3 A's oF Bluebird

Bluebird College, located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, backed by its enviable management team and qualified faculties, reiterates its unequivocal commitment to quality education suitable to the 21st century. It aims at acheiving academic excellence and obtaining a newer height by raising the standards of education through analytical and practical knowledge. With a plethora of academic activities. Team Bluebird prepares the students to receice the educational esperience that goes beyond the classroom and has a comprehensive and lifelong impact upon them.


Research work, project work, presentations, seminars, webminars and surveys with s


Bluebird is known for its emphasis on co-curricular and extra curricular activities aimed for creating healthy body in sound mind. Moreover, it has a students' council having different clubs including music, sports and dance. We also imspire for personality developmkent and organize leadership se...


Bluebird is proud of Information Technology (IT) friendly classrooms, well stocxked library with reference books and e-library and fully equipped laboratories with research labs. We have seperate hostels fopr girls and boys to facilitate students. Hygenic cafeteria, fitness centre, computerlab wi...